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We often think about styling our clothes, prepare a lot for special day but do you know that styling your hair can make you look more attractive. It’s a great way to bring out your personality. Although styling your hair depends on the length and texture of it.

There are some days when you are running late and not have time to do complicated hairstyle, don’t you worry there are lot of simple looks you can create. Also if you are too lazy to do that, wigs are there to your rescue. Weaves are sewn into your hair allowing good security whereas wigs are normally secured by elastic bands which is also good as you will have option to change your look whenever you want. You can have any hair color, small or long locks. You can change your hairstyle every month and not to worry about using chemicals.

Divatress has an extensive selection of Full Wigs, Half wigs, Hair extensions, Lace front Wigs. They are 100% Remy Human Hair and looks natural. Divatress make sure that their weaves are combination quality with fair price.

You can checkout the website here Weave hairstyle

There are many ways to accomplish a look that suits your personality and you should find the best style for you.

Definitely check the DIVATRESS website for more information.




All about Hair extension!!

Extensions which grew to become very popular among women just about ten years ago hasn’t unsuccessful to get that promotion. These are merely inclusion of extra hair for a number of reasons which solve problems like hair loss and thinning of hair. Some love extensions simply because they make their head of hair thicker and provide full volume.

Extensions could be built-into your original hair extensions using numerous techniques. Including methods like sewing, tying and braiding, gluing and weaving. Additionally for this increasingly more innovative techniques are now being attempted and implemented in salons. If you are planning for quite different look you should think about testing out Black extensions. This specific type is extremely well-liked by women and men because it may be worn in various styles. It’s easily available as wigs, single braid and clip in extensions. Black hair expansions can be purchased both online or perhaps in a beauty salon and something can pick between synthetic and human curl additions. Synthetic is a touch cheaper but when compared to real ones. Since real hair additions come from real contributors, it is the best. Synthetic extensions end up being a great deal cheaper but taking proper care of it’s really a big headache.

Who does not love curly hair? Some women are fortunate with naturally curly tresses. With curly real hair expansions on the market, girls that lengthy for curly tresses could possibly get it integrated using their real curl very quickly. With clip in extensions all one must do is clip it in which you need it. One must carefully divide your hair prior to doing that since if it’s situated in the incorrect place, it’ll look just a little awkward or worse it might just appear whenever you brush hair. You may also attempt to add highlights or low lights for any more stylish and cooler look.

Hair expansions that is included with a connecting agent applied at one tip is quite common. Stick type expansions belong for the reason that category. The only real web site stick type along with a normal type expansion is the actual way it is mounted on hair.When you are getting your extensions integrated inside a salon hair stylist will attach the glued tip from the hair for your natural hair having a heat connector clamp which may be like a set iron, but thinner. Micro loops and rings will also be accustomed to attach the extensions for your real human hair. The glue which is often used may be the keratin glue regarded as the safest. When you wish a brand new style and take away the present extensions, it is possible utilizing a keratin remover.

A perfect engagement ring!!

Undeniably all diamonds are unique however for couples who would like a distinctive gemstone ring, a small inclusion isn’t enough to create their gemstone ring apart. Gemstone diamond engagement rings offer wonderful versatility. They are able to complement well with wedding rings or ring enhancer worn like a wedding set. Rings can be found in different shapes, settings and band styles which will make them special and different.


Below are great tips that can help for making your gemstone morganite halo engagement ring unique:
Use special Gemstone

You are able to provide a special appearance for your diamond engagement ring by choosing the 4 Cs (carat, cut, color, clearness) of gemstone correctly. A correctly cut white-colored gemstone with nice clearness has passionate fire inside it that makes it exquisite. An overcast gemstone looks less attractive regardless of its size. Clearness includes a great effect on the look of gemstone. So after thinking about each one of these factors you are able to choose the special diamond engagement ring for the big day. While choosing the ring inspect it carefully and get the jewelry expert regarding its details.

Pick a Unique Gemstone Shape

Gemstone rings can be found in various sizes and shapes. Among these, round diamonds are typically the most popular ones. Other shapes like pear, oblong and princess cuts are hardly ever seen. By selecting such shapes you may make your ring look unique. Following are a few shapes which go past the conventional gemstone shapes:Asscher cut,Cushion cut,Heart formed diamonds,Trillion cut diamonds,Radiant Cut Moissanite Engagement Rings…so on.

Search for a unique Setting

The 4 and 6 prong mounts look elegant but it’s conventional. You are able to opt to many other unique settings that can make your ring look flattery and distinctive. The settings are further classified in following types: Bezel settings, Tension settings,Invisible settings or Customize the Band.

Typically diamond engagement rings have gold, white-colored gold and platinum bands. Altering this guitar rock band makes it look distinctive. You may make it more appealing by engraving design onto it or use unusual metal to distinguish it.

Purchase a Vintage Ring

Vintage moonstone ring can invariably help make your ring special. It’s beautiful in the own ways and it has significance mounted on it. They might feature unusual gemstone cuts, bands, settings etc. It provides a unique attract the ring and mesmerizes all individuals who admire the classic vintage look.

Without doubt, a gemstone diamond engagement ring holds a unique importance and will be outstanding for the one who wears it. It’s the ring which remains for life. So always get the best choice.

Where to stay in Bali – two ultimate resorts

Hi Guys!!!

Bali has become the favorite destination for all couples who want to spend their
honeymoon on beaches. Not only couples but many youngsters are also going
Bali to experience water sports and fun activities. There are so many good hotels
and beaches to stay in Bali but I have selected two of my favorites with the
breath taking view and amazing interiors. Trust me you will fall in love with
these resorts.

So the first one is Sakala Resort. This resort is perfect for the couples to spend
their honeymoon. With such a serene view, exclusive suites and amazing outdoor
and indoor restaurants making it a perfect place to stay . This resort’s package
just costs around US $450 for 3 nights. Isn’t it an amazing deal? You will get a
private candle light dinner by the beach, a plethora of cultural activities to
discover and experiencing Bali’ traditional culture.

The sakala resort sits proudly on one of the Bali’s best stretches of sand on the
nusa dua peninsula, looking out over the sparkling sea, home to every water
sport imaginable. The resort consist of luxurious pool villas or suites, many
opening directly onto expansive lagoon pool, all with a living room and discrete
kitchen. Gosh!!! This is so amazing!

For more details you can log in to www.sakalaresortbali.com

Another option after sakala is the Tanjung Benoa. It’s package is from $310
onwards , definitely cheaper then sakula but not less . The tanjung benoa offers
185 rooms, including one and two bedroom villas as well as generously sized
deluxe rooms with balconies that provide views of manicured gardens and the
hotel’s two outdoor swimming pools. Making it an another perfect destination in
Bali. Just see the pictures. Who would’t love to spend their holidays at such an
amazing place!

For more details about the Tanjung Benoa Beach Resort Bali log on to:-

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Note – Pictures are taken from the website.

Quirky Summer dresses – Part 2

Hi Guys!!

I have received lot of compliment on my last outfit on Instagram. I usually don’t edit my pictures, firstly I don’t have that much time, secondly i don’t even know how to do it. All these tricks are done by MR husband. Coming on to today’s post, I am covering few more breathable looks created in cotton dresses.

All theses looks are simple yet head turner. Everybody was looking at me when I wore this red dress. You can accessorize these outfit with long earrings, tan bag and shoes. These prints speak for itself, you don’t need anything.

You can check out more colors and collection Here



Summer dresses – Part 1

Hello Girls!!

Temperature is slightly rising in Pune and will increase after February. As I am a full time IT professional, i have to be in office for approx 9 hours. So for me comfort is above any fashion. I try to find the most lightweight and airy fabrics for my summer outfits. Recently a Ahmedabad based brand approached me for collaboration of their clothing line. They just wanted me to model for their clothes and didn’t ask me to review them but seriously on receiving these items, it blew my mind!

I cannot wear synthetic in summers, they not only causes discomfort but may even result to health issues like allergies and skin diseases.

I think it’s the right time I should share the best summer fabrics with you. Believe me, the right fabrics can make all the difference in the world! Cotton and linen are my favorite for summers.

While buying summer dresses you might want to be on the lookout for fabrics that will not only keep you cool, but provide comfort as well.  That’s my idea of being chill and comfy chic!

You can wear these items together or separately. I created 4 looks with this outfit.

You can check out the collection here

What you like to wear?



H&M winter haul Jan 2018

Hello Beauties,
Who all love winters? Some people love them, and some people hate them, but you can’t ignore the chill, cozy weather and hot coffee routines. I haven’t shopped much for winters since 2-3 years asI have shifted to Pune. This time I was traveling to Delhi in Jan month so bought 2 pieces from Pune H&m. Collection was okaish here not that great.
I visited SelectCity walk the other day and just casually went inside H&M. Thankfully I was slightly luckier today.
I was not planning to buy much stuff but got 6 sweaters, 1 Blazer, 1 Hoodie 🙂 Mostly all sweaters were for Rs500-600; aint that a good deal 🙂
Request you to ignore the quality of pictures, most of the pictures were crashed and did re-shoot on the day of flight.
Here are the items I picked up:
 That brings me to the end of my haul and so far so good H&M, round of applause!
*Clapping hands emoji*
Have you got anything from H&M sale?
Let me know in the comments below or catch up with me on Instagram.
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My 2018 wishlist from Zaful – Valentine’s day

Hey!!! Glad that you guys are loving my Instagram posts lately. I am totally amazed with ZAFUL latest collection, I keep browsing this website regularly because of their insane discounts. Currently they are having big promotion about the Valentine’s day. You can checkout following link for the same – Zaful Valentine’s day collection

So I have curated a list for you as they have great discounts going on:

  1. Capes are must have for beach vacation. As I will be planning my beach trip soon, this will come very handy!!

2. White dress is must have in everybody’s closet

3. Pairing this with black leggings and gum boots.



Can wait to show you guys my Zaful haul. Trust me you wont regret shopping from Zaful.




4 looks to convince you to wear PJs in public

Hi Guys,

Today I will be showing you few ways to take sleepwear trend out of bed and onto the streets. We have seen so many nightwear style outfits available  at H&M, Forever21 and zara, so I thought why not wear my own PJs instead of buying new one.

But while pajama dressing is trendy, it may not surprise you that it’s not as simple as leaving the house in the same outfit you slept in. Even my family members didn’t like when I showed my ideas to them but that is the plus point for me. I always believe that whenever my family gives NO for any outfit, that always become a HIT.

Obviously we cannot go for any PJs as outfit, we need to consider Style, fit and fabric when deciding how to wear pajama pants. You want the look to be flattering and not like sleep potato.


Lets see how I have styled my actual night suit into 4 outwear outfits

Look 1 – I opted for a casual look with this shirt by pairing it with black box pleated skirt and sneakers. Yes, the shirt gives you the feel that you are at some beach location but how does it matter. I totally love wearing it.

Look 2 – I will admit this trend is quite tricky to style and probably isn’t for everyone. It might even be easier in cold weather when you can sport silky pieces. I have worn with high boots and unstructured blazer.

Look 3 – I have gone all formal for this look. Wearing same shirt with black(Alok’s) trouser. Sleek hair and minimal makeup. Seriously we can totally call this a formal look.

Look 4 – Who doesn’t want to wear pajamas all day?! The trick to keeping the look day-time appropriate is to add a belt, or in my case, a blazer. So I opted for a more sassy look with these pants by pairing them with high heels.

This post was not in my mind but thought of doing it at last moment. I always felt bad that my beautiful PJs are lying in almirah for so long. Do try these looks and share your thoughts.

NightSuit from – Oxxollo, Jabong

Let me know in the comments below or catch up with me on Instagram.
That’s all for now beauties,
Thanks for reading!
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Zaful – Autumn/Fall wish list

Hi Guys!!
Zaful contacted me to review their Autumn/fall collection and to prepare a wish list for my viewers. I am more of a winter person than summers, i know many will not agree to this. It is so much fun to dress up, keep layering and wear those cool boots.

I have mentioned about most wearable takeaways from the latest fall fashion from runway.

Most of the trends have already made their way to these retail website, so you don’t have to wait for fall fashion trends.
I have created my wish list and if you guys are interested you can click on the links to check these out. They are super affordable and trendy.
1) Floral – I know these are summer must haves but if you turn to little darker shades they will perfectly suit for coming autumn. Color for the season are burnt oranges, burgundies, and browns.
2) Lace ups – It will continue to play a significant role in our wardrobe .
3) Sweater dresses paired up with high boots and vibrant scarf is must have.
4) Crop sweat shirts – They are so much in vogue these days. my favorites are
5. Faux leather skirt – This is the best time to wear denims or faux leather skirt.
6. Boots – They are evergreen product and has to be in our wardrobe to complete any autumn look
They have great discounts going on. Do check them out for latest and trendy designs. I will share the haul soon 🙂
Love Neha