Floral Shenanigns – Look2

Hi Guys!!

Hope you liked my first look where I have paired plain skirt with heavy embellishment blouse!! That was a super affordable yet trendy look. Today I am going to talk about going little edgy with floral skirt!! All of us must be bored with same heavy skirts and dupatta look for marriages or functions.

This particular piece was love at first sight, I was like I want to wear this outfit. Skirt was the main thing that caught my attention; The fabric, flare, print and summer friendly color. Everything was perfect.
The fabric they use is of top quality, no compromise on that for sure and the work speaks for itself. I like how they paired this floral skirt with red flowers, mustard skirt and brown blouse with golden work. Detailing was so intricate. I would highly recommend you to get your hands on this for your next function.

Hair is one thing that I have never experimented, may be the reason is that I am always afraid of loosing my hair. I have to surely work on different hair styles.

United 21 Grand invited my for a day to their resort. It was a nice experience, rooms were too big and swimming pool was on 6th floor.

This was my personal favorite piece from their collection. Hope you like it!!


Earrings – www.instagram.com\ambytth

Photographer: Sujoy photography and Loonypixels

Location Courtesy: United 21 Grand, Baner

Outfit: Blouse – Kripaboutique




How to get heat less curls!!!

Are you guys using hot styling tools to curl your hair? I don’t think that your hair will be happy with your decision. You can use these products once in a while but not often.

I am always looking for options which can give me good result without ruining my hair. As requested on instagram I have compiled a list of ways with which you can achieve gorgeous curls, without any damage!

We can use sea salt spray to achieve these waves. Lets see how we can prepare this spray at home without spending much.

Things you will need –

1.Sea salt

2.spray bottle

3.coconut oil

4. hair gel or aloe gel (optional)

5. warm water

Add sea salt in warm water and mix it well. Pour this mixture in spray bottle.

Combine coconut oil and hair gel or aloe vera gel, mix it well and add this into spray bottle.

Just spray this on your hair before doing any curls and scrunch your hair.

Note – We should not use this often as it will dry our hair.

Now coming onto beachy waves, So grab some hair pins, hairband and some hairspray and let’s get started!

Headband Waves-

This was the first method I have tried for heat less waves, it worked wonders.

1)dampen your hair first or apply mousse to amplify results

2)Put hairband around your head like you normally do.

3)you have to take section of your hair and wrap around the hair band. take the strand and wrap around the band and do it for all your hair.

4)It will look like this

5) I leave it through out the night.

Picture here

Donut bun Waves – This helps in loose curls.

1)dampen your hair first or apply mousse to amplify results

2)Make a high ponytail with rubber band

2)Add donut shape bun over it.

3) Roll your hair around this black bun

4) now you can roll down this bun towards your scalp.

5) Keep it overnight and open the next morning.

check this link for better understanding

TWIST Waves – this will give natural waves

1) I do this when I am lazy and dont have enough items with me.

2) Damp your hair.

3)Take sections and twist your hair

4)while twisting they will scrunch and pin it. You will have small buns.

5) In the morning just open these pins and voila you have soft waves.

Link here

Braid Waves

1)Damp your hair.

2) Apply mousse

3) make tight braid on both the sides. Leave it for 5-6 hours

4) Open it and viola. you have great tight curls.


Hope you like the post!!! will try to do videos soon.

SHEIN website – fit in everybody’s style and budget

I love to spend hours browsing the website and specially if the website is SHEIN. I came across this website through social media and was amazed by it’s collection. The best part is that it will fit in everybody’s style and budget.

I will just go through my favorite pieces from their collection.

  1. Ruffles, bell sleeves are big trends this season. (Click on the image to go to SHEIN link)

2. Off- shoulders tops and dresses are In and they accentuate your bone structure

3. Metallic Skirt – i have been eyeing to buy this since long

4. Embroidery work is so back in trend and would love to buy them


So guys I would highly recommend SHEIN because they have great products at absolute affordable prices. They have some amazing discounts going on. Do check them out.

I will do a detailed post once I will receive my order.

What are your favorite items from my selection? Let me know in the comments!


Bling Game On – Look1

Hi Girls!!

Recently I collaborated with a designer Brand in Pune. They brings a variety of collections as per the latest trend and style. I picked up 3 outfits from her collection which can be worn in different occasions.

I also collaborated with a Jewellery brand and must admit that they have vast collection of pieces ranging from jhumkas, necklaces to beautiful intricate designs.

Hope you like the series!!

I usually dress very minimal until it is my own occasion. The detailing of this blouse was so intricate and nicely done.

I like the neck detailing which has some good amount of work. Also don’t forget the back, it was love at first sight. I think the best way to bring focus on your heavily-worked designer blouse is to team it up with a plain saree or skirt. That way, you won’t go overboard with the work on your blouse while making it look beautiful. This will also help if you are not interested to buy any neckpiece.

I decided to go with my plain black skirt which I bought as a bottoms for my kurta and wore it here.

This skirt is amazing; the flow and how it accentuates your curves. However I have to wear a cotton skirt underneath otherwise it sticks. I added a golden belt to match with my blouse work.

I was more then happy that how it turned out altogether. This outfit we can be easily worn to friends marriage or any personal occasion.

The main item with Indian wear is jewellery. Neck piece was not required with this outfit as we have enough work on neck but I made sure to wear huge golden earrings. How pretty they are? isn’t it?

Try to pair different things and she how beautifully they can turn out. It is not required to spend 10-20k each time. This look is created within ~4k budget.


Earrings – www.instagram.com\ambytth

Photographer: Alok Jha

Location Courtesy: United 21 Grand, Baner

Outfit: Blouse – Kripaboutique  and Skirt – Myntra

Concept: Neha

See you soon!!!






3 stylish ways to wear White Pants

I am really not a fan of white clothes until few years back. So this year I finally decided to give them a try.

I think white clothes are little tricky to wear. They are not flattering at times and you have to be very particular what you are wearing as ‘inner wear’ especially in pants.

I haven’t experimented with Pants a lot, I always wear straight fit and comfortable cottons.  These are my go-to pants. I wear them with my anarkalis and as well as with shirts and tops. So I planned to do 3 different ways wear white pants

These pants are from Sangria. It is the best brand on Jabong for ethnic wear. Mostly all my kurtas are from them. I would suggest you to check them out.

So I have created 3 different looks with same white pants and if you will ever wonder ‘what to wear with pants’ then come back to this post and use it for inspiration.

Striped Button Down with Brown accents

If you are looking for a sophisticated look that it can be easily achieved with a button down shirt. Pairing your white pants with a striped button down and brown brogues for office appropriate outfit. I decided to add waist belt to accentuate my curves; This is the best way to give some dimension to a loose fitted cloth. I finished off the look with gold accessories. I would like to mention that this is my favorite shirt at the moment.

Outfit Details:

Shirt and Pants – Sangria, Jabong

Necklace and bag – Koovs

Shoes – Carlton London

With Bright pop of color

This outfit you can wear in the spring or summer time. The bright pop of color brings some fun to the outfit and I added a blue necklace so that it doesn’t look too plain. I coordinated the top with neon sandals. This is perfect relaxing, holiday outfit. Tied my hair back into a pony tail.

Outfit Details:

Top -Miss bennett, Myntra

Pants – Sangria, Jabong

Necklace – Fashion and you

Sandals- Carlton London

Open long cape

You must have seen this cape n number of times. I have literally worn it in so many different ways. As this Cape is black and white; I thought of Pairing it with white pants with black spaghetti top. I love how it flows when we walk with open Cape; it gives such a dramatic look:) I wore a pair of silver sandals and thought of adding silver jewelry(which I forgot).

Outfit Details:

Cape – Myntra

Sandals – Street shopping

I hope you use this post for inspiration!

Go Floral with ZAFUL

Summers are for floral; cool, airy, cotton clothes go hand-in-hand. Irrespective of whether summer or winter I always love super-bright colors and vibrant prints.

Zaful contacted me to review their clothes and to prepare a wish list for my viewers. I so wanted to buy stuff from them as they have lots and lots of different variety which you can check it out here
They have lovely collection of off-shoulder dresses, stripes, floral dresses #floralprintblouse and chokers that would look so great in summer season. I have created my wish list and if you guys are interested you can click on the links to buy these. They are super affordable and trendy.

5. One shoulder ruffle bodysuit


Zaful is celebrating their three year anniversary this month and with that they have come up with some great offers. They also have fixed price zone starting from 1.99$. Who doesn’t love giveaways? The link to their blog is over here: https://zafulofficial.wordpress.com/
Go to their blog and take a look. I would be very happy if you tag my name www.instagram.com\@nehasharma07 after participating in the giveaway event. Zaful will choose a couple of winners after the event and give out huge rewards!
I will do a haul post as soon as I receive my order.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have an amazing weekend.





#Saynotodirtytoilets PEE buddy urination device


Apart from many other problems faced by female travelers, the unnecessary but major problem is to PEE. Either we have to compensate by peeing at dirty places or pee at isolated area. During my teenage time I used hold my pee throughout the day and do it once I am at home but with time that is not possible(it is not even healthy).

During my last trip to Goa in the rainy season, our bus stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was easy for men to pee anywhere and we kept on finding that one small dark place where no one can see us. We went into bushes to relive our self with our mobile light on. You cant believe that what happen next, there were leaches on my friends clothes. It was so scary.

Even if we get washrooms, do you think we can sit on them? I always have to do squatting. Pregnant women has to PEE in every hour, how difficult it is for them to stand and PEE, not sure how they manage.

Hence, the agenda is to hinge upon intimate hygiene of women, which has become a long lost cry.

Recently I came across this innovative concept of urinating device for women.

They say ‘PeeBuddy’ is a “friendly weapon against unfriendly toilets”. It aims at making short expeditions, long journeys, and daily commute easy for women, especially the ones who are more susceptible to UTIs.

Benefit of using PEE buddy-

*Fights UTIs
*100% biodegradable (environment friendly)
*One time use and throw product
*Makes traveling hassle-free
*A boon for pregnant women

You can use PROMOCODE WELOCME15 to avail 15% discount.

Available at www.peebuddy.in

Have a look at the link on how to use it:

Girls!! Do get it!! it is very affordable and saves us from so many issues.


Part 2 How to wear All Black outfit

Another one of the easy ways to add color to your mostly black outfits is to add a colorful stole. This will enhance the over-all look of your black outfits. Also the great thing is that they’re very flexible, each time you can make a new outfit by using different color stole in different way.

Hope you liked this look!!

Review : Inatur Herbals Olive cleansing milk

Today I am reviewing Inatur Herbals Herbal Cleansing Milk, which is enriched with Olive oil and is meant for all skin types. I have received this product in May fab bag. I have been using this from past 2 weeks.

Price : INR 250
Quantity : 100 ml
Packaging :The cleansing milk comes in a sturdy packaging with a flip cap along with all the required information printed on it.
Available here
1) It has medium consistency with refreshing fragrance and smells absolutely organic.
2) It removes makeup and eyeliner very easily and is very gentle on the skin.
3) It does not irritate eyes which is the best part.
4) It has olive oil but it doesn’t make your face greasy.
5) I think it will suit all skin types including sensitive skin because I have combination and sensitive skin.
6) It gets rinsed off easily with out leaving residues or greasy layer behind.
1) I think price can be one negative point. As it is a new brand then it should be placed somewhere around 200 but otherwise all good.
Rating -4.5/5
Final Conclusion : A good cleansing milk which easily helps in removing eye makeup. I will mainly use for cleaning of kajal because it does that job amazingly well. I have other water based products for face make up removal.