How to get heat less curls!!!

Are you guys using hot styling tools to curl your hair? I don’t think that your hair will be happy with your decision. You can use these products once in a while but not often.

I am always looking for options which can give me good result without ruining my hair. As requested on instagram I have compiled a list of ways with which you can achieve gorgeous curls, without any damage!

We can use sea salt spray to achieve these waves. Lets see how we can prepare this spray at home without spending much.

Things you will need –

1.Sea salt

2.spray bottle

3.coconut oil

4. hair gel or aloe gel (optional)

5. warm water

Add sea salt in warm water and mix it well. Pour this mixture in spray bottle.

Combine coconut oil and hair gel or aloe vera gel, mix it well and add this into spray bottle.

Just spray this on your hair before doing any curls and scrunch your hair.

Note – We should not use this often as it will dry our hair.

Now coming onto beachy waves, So grab some hair pins, hairband and some hairspray and let’s get started!

Headband Waves-

This was the first method I have tried for heat less waves, it worked wonders.

1)dampen your hair first or apply mousse to amplify results

2)Put hairband around your head like you normally do.

3)you have to take section of your hair and wrap around the hair band. take the strand and wrap around the band and do it for all your hair.

4)It will look like this

5) I leave it through out the night.

Picture here

Donut bun Waves – This helps in loose curls.

1)dampen your hair first or apply mousse to amplify results

2)Make a high ponytail with rubber band

2)Add donut shape bun over it.

3) Roll your hair around this black bun

4) now you can roll down this bun towards your scalp.

5) Keep it overnight and open the next morning.

check this link for better understanding

TWIST Waves – this will give natural waves

1) I do this when I am lazy and dont have enough items with me.

2) Damp your hair.

3)Take sections and twist your hair

4)while twisting they will scrunch and pin it. You will have small buns.

5) In the morning just open these pins and voila you have soft waves.

Link here

Braid Waves

1)Damp your hair.

2) Apply mousse

3) make tight braid on both the sides. Leave it for 5-6 hours

4) Open it and viola. you have great tight curls.


Hope you like the post!!! will try to do videos soon.

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