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Hi All,

I know this is the most awaited and requested post for many people. Sorry that I kept delaying it.

I keep getting DMs from people about my stay, places I recommend to visit and lot more. So here I decided to pen down everything!

Goa is our second home, which we at least visit three times a year. We are neither party people, nor fans of high end places or stays; we just love to do what is treat to our eyes and not to please anyone. Every recommendation in this post would be reflective of that.

Here is a breakdown of our visits-

Where to stay?

We have always stayed in North Goa, which included locations like- Candolim, Calungute, Baga, Anjuna, Morjim, Siolim. Since for no particular reason, we haven’t touched the other parts of this state, our next trip is definitely dedicated to them!

Over the time we have started liking apartments for our stays. Among the many reasons, the first would be kitchen – Yes! we actually use it for preparing tea (because Alok loves tea), boiled Eggs and Maggie. And who doesn’t like a lot of space to roam and a balcony for sheesha sessions!!  😛

Where to book hotel?

Airbnb and Booking.com are the preferred choices.


If you are visiting Goa for the first time, choose Calungute, Arpora or Baga – These places are lively and you will get everything at a walking distance.

Candolim is nice and peaceful but you won’t get many shacks on Candolim beach. Also, I find it a little far from all the other beaches but it has nice markets where all the food joints are across the road.

Anjuna, Vagator – I have stayed in Anjuna twice and have so far loved it. I find it as a central location with a lot of new places around it. So far, I have explored a lot of cafes in this area. Will share all that soon too.

Siolim and Morjim is a little far from these places but they are peaceful. Limited options, limited people. It was rainy season when we were in Morjim and I couldn’t find anything to eat as everything was closed. My month of stay was October month.

Arambol – I have never stayed in Arambol but would love to someday.

Being big foodies, we prefer to live where a lot of eating joints are available. So Anjuna would be our preference for a place of stay. But if you have visited all these beaches and are planning a Goa trip, then I would definitely recommend Arambol for that.

My next stay will definitely be in South Goa especially in the main season so that all the places are open. I already have my list ready for that!

Next time I am planning a week’s stay in Goa where I can do 2-3 days WFH

How to commute?

For the first 2 times we took a bike, but we always prefer a scooty as it has space to keep few stuff. Since we have shifted to Pune, we are using our car, but two-wheelers are perfect to travel as they are easy to park, stop anywhere and easy to come out of traffic.

You can hire a scooty from anywhere. Price ranges from 300-400 per day.

Best season to travel?

Nov – Feb is the best time. Few main attractions were closed in October, but weather wise it was good too.

This time when we went in April end, most of the places were open but the weather was harsh. I heard that most places will be shut for monsoons so first timers should avoid this time of the season.

Good restaurants to try?

Would recommend what is must try and what we love-

  1. Eva cafe – Anjuna beach- Small place, limited and expensive food menu but view/interiors are very beautiful
  2. Artjuna cafe – This is must visit place in Anjuna. We always go to this place for breakfast
  3. Square sparrow – I love this place. it has good food, lovely ambience and is very lively in evening
  4. Elephant arts cafe – This is on Vagator beach nearby Liliput cafe. Omg! totally in love with this place. Food menu similar to Eva cafe because it is run by his boyfriend. We loved this place, it has a beautiful setup, even beds on beach. This time we couldn’t spend much time but definitely doing it next time.
  5. Baba au reham cafe – We went there twice but the items we wanted to order were not available. Menu was okay and expensive. It is very hyped so we will prefer to go to Artjuna.
  6. Natti’s natural – This cafe is situated at Anjuna to Calungute road. Love the menu, a little expensive but good to try who are into organic food.
  7.  Purple martini- Anjuna beach – Beautiful view, you won’t believe that it is in Goa. Couldn’t try their menu as we  went on first day of opening (october) and this month it was closed due to staff problems. Must visit place in North Goa.
  8. Fish tail – Vagator beach- We have been going there for the past 3-4 years. Nothing different, simple shack on the beach but love their food. You can lay here all day long. happy hours in evening.
  9. Babu’s hut – Morjim beach. shack is on the beach, good food, silent place(usually)
  10. LPK – We have been there once. Love it as we went  dancing with crazy people there!
  11. Club cabana – Beautiful property. We have been here thrice but I never enjoyed. People are always high on weed and lot of other shit happening.
  12. Laplage – Couldnt make it this time as it was shut but have heard a lot about this.
  13. Antares – Couldnt go here as it was closed but i have heard a lot about this too.

Currently I don’t remember every place, but will definitely add more when I do. Also, there can be a  lot of places which I might not know but these are the ones which we have explored a lot of times and always look forward to visit again.

This time we have stayed at this beautiful property at Siolim beach which was like a dream house. It is a 2bhk apartment which is managed by lovely Host Antima, who greeted Alok with a  bouquet for his birthday. Very well managed property, a little far from shops and beach so you will need a scooter for sure. Also,great for family trips 🙂

I have not visited Goa during Jun-Aug , but would definitely  like to go there in rainy season to just relax by the hotel. Hopefully i can leave this hustle bustle and move to a quieter place.

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment or mail for any queries related to my travel





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