#Saynotodirtytoilets PEE buddy urination device


Apart from many other problems faced by female travelers, the unnecessary but major problem is to PEE. Either we have to compensate by peeing at dirty places or pee at isolated area. During my teenage time I used hold my pee throughout the day and do it once I am at home but with time that is not possible(it is not even healthy).

During my last trip to Goa in the rainy season, our bus stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was easy for men to pee anywhere and we kept on finding that one small dark place where no one can see us. We went into bushes to relive our self with our mobile light on. You cant believe that what happen next, there were leaches on my friends clothes. It was so scary.

Even if we get washrooms, do you think we can sit on them? I always have to do squatting. Pregnant women has to PEE in every hour, how difficult it is for them to stand and PEE, not sure how they manage.

Hence, the agenda is to hinge upon intimate hygiene of women, which has become a long lost cry.

Recently I came across this innovative concept of urinating device for women.

They say ‘PeeBuddy’ is a “friendly weapon against unfriendly toilets”. It aims at making short expeditions, long journeys, and daily commute easy for women, especially the ones who are more susceptible to UTIs.

Benefit of using PEE buddy-

*Fights UTIs
*100% biodegradable (environment friendly)
*One time use and throw product
*Makes traveling hassle-free
*A boon for pregnant women

You can use PROMOCODE WELOCME15 to avail 15% discount.

Available at www.peebuddy.in

Have a look at the link on how to use it:

Girls!! Do get it!! it is very affordable and saves us from so many issues.


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