The summer color wagaon

We all have outlandish ideas at times. We all think of epic brand names, product features, and ways to word things that end up being not that great.

The pleasant, breezy weather of Pune was hard to leave when it came to a big ball of heat which is Delhi. While the good weather made it easy to roam outside in Pune, doing even simple things outside in Delhi becomes increasingly difficult.
But being brought up in this part of North India, there is a big part of me that cozies up to the ever moving, trendy and chic vibe of Delhi. There is always some place , some food, some fashion, that you still haven’t discovered here. So going out and exploring new cafes, having lovely early breakfasts makes my trip here always memorable.
A blogger who thrives on good backdrops, classy aesthetics and those unique moments to capture- Delhi serves me all that!

After returning to Delhi, I was just randomly talking to Garvita that lets do a shoot.  She liked the idea and we got an amazing opportunity to shoot together. We decided to have no specific theme, the only thing we thought about was ‘Fusion’ and some rustic/vintage background. So we narrowed down on the rustic , vibrant and classic bylanes of Meherchand market.

With the scorching sun giving a heck load of summer blues, a splash of bright colors brings that needed breeze of freshness.

The backdrop proved to be a beautiful contrast to the bright colors that we decided to wear.
Depicting our signature styles, me and Garvita wore Sangria. I think sangria is our favorite brand from Jabong, Most of my ethnics are from this brand itself. Charuta wore her tailor made dress(which I absolutely loved)
My outfit brought out the aesthetics of the heavy earrings and kolhapuri chappals that I wore along with it.

We three have different taste but one thing is common i.e. command over ‘Fusion’ outfits.

Convincing Alok to do the shoot proved to be a blessing, as the pictures came out to be really good!

You can read Charuta’s post here and Garvita’s post here

Check out the pictures and do share your thoughts on how the fusion of colors and attires blended with the summer vibe
Until next time.
Much Love

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