My Jabong Kurti haul Part 1

Jabong is one of my favorite website from where I want to shop again and again. Those who follow me on Instagram will know my affection with this website. I am a major shopaholic ( which girl isn’t 😛 ) so I just need reasons to shop 😀We have some amazing kurta brands online and now I hardly shop from retail shops., which is probably the best online fashion megastore in India, doesn’t need an introduction so let me come to the point.

I will not talk about the individual outfit because they are great in quality, 100% cotton and same after machine wash. I don’t have any issues with any outfit 🙂

Outfit 1 – link here

Outfit 2 – Link here

Outfit 3 – Link here

Outfit 4 – Link here

Outfit 5 – Link here

Outfit 6 – Link here

Few items are out of stock but they keep coming back. Jabong has some great deals most of the time so keep track of it and i would advice to buy these kurtas during sale period! 😉

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#OOTD – Back to school

Hi All,

How are you doing!???


I did some major damage to my pocket, seriously I have gone crazy with online shopping. I have few friends who don’t like online shopping because they don’t like to navigate through website and easily get bored. They usually ask me to forward the links to them 🙂 🙂





I don’t like to stand in queues for trial, cant even show it to your friends that ‘How it looks’ due to insane amount of people waiting outside trial room. Not to forget, long queues at billing counter.

I have bought approx 20-25 items from koovs, I will link few of my best buys below:   I liked this dress a lot and this will suit to skinny girls    Very huge and good quality bag       Quality is nice but 1 size bigger then usual. I couldn’t get it because the required size wasn’t available.    Very comfortable   huge ass badges   Quite warm and perfect fit.  I have ordered it twice and each time order was cancelled but I dint loose hope. It is very comfy.    Super comfy    Nice fit but you should order one smaller size then your normal size.

The only problem I find with koovs is with size. I have to return/exchange many products. Alok ordered many items but none of them were similar to his actual size.

Hope you find this post useful!! I will do lookbook with these items as soon as possible.

Outfit Details:

Bomber Jacket – Koovs

Top & skirt – Myntra